Hillsboro Rotary Scholarship Program

About Hillsboro Rotary Scholarship Program:

Each spring, the Hillsboro Rotary Club solicits scholarship applications from local high schools. The Hillsboro Rotary Club wants to reward the hardworking students of our beautiful community and help them on their way to trade schools and 4 year colleges.

The Scholarship is designed for those students pursuing 2 year Programs including things like Auto Tech, Medical/Dental Technician, HVAC Tech, Welding Tech, Fire/Police Programs and Cosmetology. Participating high schools include Century High School, Hillsboro Online Academy, Hillsboro High School, Liberty High School, and Glencoe High School. Students a year or two removed from the listed schools are welcome to apply as well. We get it – the GAP year looked really fun.

Each school has its own scholarship committee composed of Rotarians to interview candidates. Award recipients are announced at the school spring awards banquets, and later at a meeting of The Hillsboro Rotary Club. Award recipients also sit on the Rotary float during the Fourth of July Parade.
Scholarships are based on scholastic achievement, community service, school activities, work experience, financial need, candidate’s embodiment of the Four Way Test, candidate goals, letters of recommendation, and intuitive assessment.

Recipients of the 2023 $4000 Scholarship

Here are the 2023 recipients, who each received a $4000 scholarship:

  • High School: Elijah Garcia-Merez
  • High School: Jonathan Cervantes Puneda
  • High School: Tyler Luckey
  • High School: Lorelei Ruiz
  • High School: Deric Ford
  • High School: Kyle Brandt
  • High School: Ruben Tapia-Rodriguez
  • High School: Leslie Gallegos

Congratulations to this year’s recipients. And to local students who will be seniors next school year: be sure to apply for next years’ awards in Spring!

Do you want to apply?
Applications open: 2/20
Applications are due by: 4/1

Scholarship Application:

To apply, include in an email to your advisor the following items:

  • Filled out Application
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcript

Send your documents to your school’s counselor or talk to them in the counselor’s office.
Century High School
Hillsboro Online Academy
Hillsboro High School
Liberty High School
Glencoe High School